Social Media Monitoring

social media monitoring reports

Top Social Networks

top social networksOur tool allows you to easily integrate your or your client’s Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts and monitor their activity. In addition to monitoring account activity, you can quickly post messages and share across all networks at once, which saves you time and money!

Analytic Insights

analytic insightsTo help craft your social media strategy, our tool connects to each network’s analytics API to provide you performance metrics so that you can make educated decisions about your campaigns.

Social Interaction

social interactionOur tool also provides you with an up-to-date feed to effectively manage your or your client’s social footprint allowing you to engage with your prospects and customers across each network with ease.

Automated PDF Reports

pdf reportsOur software allows you to automatically schedule daily, weekly, or monthly social media reports. This feature alone will save you hours of time by putting your reporting on auto-pilot and emailing your reports to your clients or your superiors.