Search Marketing Management

daily ranking reports

SEO Client and Campaign Management

Whether you have multiple internal campaigns or thousands of clients, staying organized is crucial to your success. Our search marketing management tool simplifies this process by breaking down your campaigns or clients into smaller groups. In our tool, you can group campaigns or clients by theme, budget, team, or whatever fits your business model.

SEO Analysis Tools

Our robust tool has simplified SEO analysis by building traditional SEO tool data right into our reporting interface. We automatically gather and report on metrics like keyword search volume, competitive data, backlink data, domain trust and authority, and many more!

Automated PDF Reports

Our software allows you to automatically schedule daily, weekly, or monthly reports. This feature alone will save you hours of time by putting your reporting on auto-pilot and emailing your reports to your clients or your superiors.

Branded Interface

If you are running an agency, you can white label our software and give your clients access to your very own SEO control panel. You can customize the logo, the color scheme, and the domain, to match the look and feel of your business.