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daily ranking reports

Daily Ranking Reports

daily rankingsWhen managing an SEO campaign, for most people, weekly ranking reports are not enough. That is why we automatically update your Google, Bing, & Google Places rankings every 24 hours.

SERP Screenshots

serp screenshotNot only do we provide you with accurate ranking reports, but we also provide you with a screenshot of each Google, Bing, and Google Places SERP which eliminates the need (and the time) to manually verify your rankings. This is an excellent way to show your clients or your superiors “hard-proof” that your efforts are paying off!

Localized Rankings

localized rankingsGoogle and Bing have started to serve different results based on your geographic location. Our ranking software allows you to easily specify a country, region, and city so that you can be sure your rankings match your search results you are seeing from your location.

Automated PDF Reports

pdf reportsOur software allows you to automatically schedule daily, weekly, or monthly ranking reports. This feature alone will save you hours of time by putting your reporting on auto-pilot and emailing your reports to your clients or your superiors.